When we realize Jesus is Alive!

On the way to the town of Emmaus (Luke 24), Jesus encountered two men who were very confused. These men had followed Jesus, and up until recently, they had believed Jesus to be the Messiah. Jesus had claimed to be the Son of God, equal to the Father, and then performed miracles to back up these claims. His sermons were revolutionary and He spoke with such authority.

Unfortunately, Jesus was dead (so they thought) and their faith had taken a major hit. In a moment, Jesus appeared to them, and from the Old Testament, He explained to them the role of the Messiah, His death and resurrection. However, Jesus’ teaching didn’t cause these disciples to realize who He was. In fact, it seemed no amount of “information” would help them see the identity of this “stranger”. It wasn’t until Jesus broke the bread and gave it to them that they realized something was different about this mysterious guest. Dr. Habermas ( a professor at Liberty University) says that is wasn’t until Jesus broke the bread, that He would have revealed His nail scarred hands, then their eyes were opened.

They didn’t run back to Jerusalem that night because they heard a fantastic sermon from Christ Himself. They ran back to Jerusalem because they saw the risen Messiah, and they wanted everyone to know it. We spend a lot of time on sermons, and so we should. We spend time planning, this is also a good thing. However, we need to see Jesus. We need to show others that Jesus is alive. Reignite the passion of the risen Lord in your life. It is His resurrection that truly separates Christianity from everything, and everyone, else.

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