Life Lessons from my Dad’s Death

My Dad and my (step) mom made a beautiful duet. She was a soprano, Dad was a tenor, and they harmonized so well together. They were always being asked to sing for church services, weddings, and other events. After she passed away (28 years ago) my dad and I made a tape (yes a cassette tape) of some of the songs they had recorded over the years. There were songs like “Blessed Assurance”, “Lift High the Cross” and even a song my Dad wrote for her. For many years I had the same tape listening to it over and over; crying, remembering, encouraged, and looking forward to the next time I would see her again. Now my dad has passed, and my sister found those songs and put them on a CD for us to listen to again.

I know those 2 didn’t originally sing those songs thinking that one day I would be driving along listening to them 30 years later. They sang to worship God, encourage, and bless a congregation. They were simply using the gifts God had given to them, and being obedient. But it is amazing that God can use their obedience to bless others even after their (physical) death.

It is a reminder to me of how important my obedience to God is today. I may see my obedience in the moment, but God sees the future. Not only can my obedience be used by God to bless others in the future, but I believe my disobedience can possibly hurt people in the future. May we learn to be fully obedient, not just for the immediate blessing, but for the blessings that can be long after we are gone.

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  1. So glad you shared the cd with me that Sat. night. I was blessed to look back with you and hear you remember. Remembering is very important, even critical to staying obedient.


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