Beginning our Story…

From the statistics I have found it is rare to find a church whose main source of growth is through people who are choosing a new life, becoming believers, and following Christ, but that is exactly what is happening at Winfall Baptist Church. A church that just a few months ago was averaging around 30 to 40 people had 73 in Sunday worship yesterday. Though for many, church growth can come from so many different avenues (people leaving other churches being the most popular) Winfall, on the other hand, has seen their growth come from new, first-time followers of Jesus. Within the past 9 months, Winfall will have baptized 10 people and seen multiple people come to rededicate their lives to Christ.

When you are looking at a group of 30 and tell them we will have a goal of seeing 5 people come to the know the Lord by the end of the year; you wonder if you have been “overly-optimistic.” Not very good at math, but that would be over 10% growth from just new-believers. What has happened since, has truly been God’s work in our little church. We will have seen 10 baptized, our church almost double in attendance, and many lives rededicated to God.

We would want you to know it is not due to our vast resources, we don’t have any. It isn’t due to the pastor or any member, we are just being obedient. We attribute this growth to God, and Him alone. This past week in our Revival meetings the pastor stated he was tired of reading the stories of great men and their amazing “God-Stories” that we want our own “God-Story.” Well, I think we just started Chapter 1. God has a whole lot more in store for this church.

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