Are you in the Game or sitting on the Sideline?

A few years ago, when Natalie was much younger, she had an opportunity to either play basketball or to be a cheerleader. She told me she was having a hard time deciding which one she wanted to go for. Finally, I asked her something that I hoped would solve the dilemma, “Natalie, do you want to be on the sidelines cheering, or do you want to be playing and be the one they are cheering for?” She told me she wanted to be the one they were cheering for, to which I said, Get out there and play hard.

I feel the same way when it comes to being a part of God’s plan of reaching the world with the gospel. I want to get in the game and give it everything I have. As some have said, “I want to leave it all out on the court!” Today, we are fighting for so much more than a trophy, but the eternal lives of people. Our obedience, or lack thereof, can make the difference in their future.

When it comes to the Great Commission where are you? Are you sitting on the sidelines or are you out there giving it everything you’ve got! As you follow God in obedience you will find there will be no greater cheerleader than God Himself, who will be with you every step of the way.

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