Leaving Your First Love… (Revelation 2:4)

“Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” Revelation 2:4

There was a church in Ephesus that was started by the Apostle Paul. He spent more time there than any other church. After Paul left it is said that the Apostle John spent time there as well. Pretty safe to say the foundations of this church was pretty solid. From the outside looking in this was a wonderful church. They stood for what was right, and in the 1st century that was certainly no easy task. Evidently, this church worked hard and displayed patience in difficult times. They knew they needed to reach more people with the gospel and they had a strong desire to preserve the reputation of Christ. On the outside, other churches may have even envied their ministry.

However, Jesus can see the inside, He sees the heart. He had a shocking revelation, this church had lost their first love. They worked because it was expected of them. “Remember from where you have fallen…” What Jesus wanted Ephesus to know and what He wants you to know is there is no work or ministry you can do that can replace or substitute your love for God. Forgetting where we came from can happen to anyone but remember where you came from and never lose your first love.

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