Can Prayer Really do that?

I was recently challenged by a professor who questioned, ““Do you believe God can do things faster, better, bigger, more long lasting, and more effectively than you can?” If the answer is “Yes!” then shouldn’t our response drive us to our knees in prayer? In the letter from James he writes, “You have faith, and I have works; show me your faith with your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” (James 2:18) If we have faith in a God who can unilaterally do ministry, and life, better than I can, then my faith should turn into works as I kneel in prayer inviting Him to do the work within me.

We seek to have direction in our life, but God is the One who lights the way in our life. We want to rid our life of vices that hurt us and destroy relationships, but God is the One who brings victory over sin. We want power in our ministry, but God breathes life into our ministry and it is ultimately His power we seek to see the transformation of lives in our ministries. You and I will never be able to do the work of the Holy Spirit, and there is no discipline in our life that can be substituted for prayer.

Now more than ever we need believers, filled with the Spirit of God, to intercede on behalf of our churches, families, and our nation. Billy Graham claimed, “Today the world is being carried on a rushing torrent of history. There is but one power available to redeem the course of events, and that is the power of prayer.” Forget the past and claim the future through prayer and watch God do the impossible.

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