The Greatest Chase…

“As the deer thirsts for water, so my soul thirsts for you.” Psalms 42:1

When my daughter was around 3 or 4 years old  she had a game, a simple game, a game of chase. I would run around the house and she would run with all of her might. Every now and then I would slow down, pretend to trip, and give her just enough time to tackle me. She would laugh and have the greatest time. Now, you should know that I am actually quicker than her, and if I didn’t want her to, I could outrun a 3 year old. I’m not that old…yet.

In your life I wonder if you have had a time when you chased after God. You wanted more of Him. You wanted His blessings, and you weren’t willing to stop praying and begging until He blessed you. You were chasing after God. Just so you know, God is much faster than you are. If He didn’t want you to catch Him, you wouldn’t. However, every now and then He slows down, reveals Himself in a beautiful way and you are never the same again.

When I was growing up I remembered seeing a lot of those kind of people in my life. My Dad and I spent the night at a pastor’s house when I was younger. Every morning, (including the time we spent there) he got up early in the morning. He would take the 3 couch cushions (he claimed it was representative of the Trinity) and prayed as though God was literally in the room with him. I won’t (and can’t) forget it. This pastor knew how to “catch” God.

May we “thirsts for righteousness”. May we want more of Him. May we not stop until we have received His blessings. May we be willing to sacrifice. On top of that, may others (especially our children) see it in us. It would be a great gift and a wonderful testimony to give to them.

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