Why is the Resurrection Important?

I believe Jesus died on the cross…

According to the Bible, the death of Jesus was different then any other death. In His death, the sin of the entire world past and present was placed upon His shoulders. Beaten practically beyond recognition, He felt the need to tell His mother, He was her son. He was beaten by Roman guards with a whip on a post where many didn’t survive. David in the book of Psalms foretells that He would be able to see His own bones (Psalms 22:17). For 6 hours He hung on a cross and ultimately, He died.

I believe that He was buried…

When it was clear that Jesus had died, Joseph of Arimathea went to the man who had sentenced Jesus to death, Pilate and asked for His body. Men who were crucified in such a manner were rarely given a proper burial. Jesus was treated much differently. He was brought down from the cross and placed in a tomb reserved for the rich. Pilate ordered that soldiers be placed in front of the tomb. For the disciples the next 3 days must have been the longest time ever. I imagine the tears and cries were more than anyone of them could have ever imagined.

I believe Jesus rose from the dead!

Early Sunday morning something truly unbelievable happened! Women came to the tomb to find the stone rolled away. Looking inside the body is not there. Interestingly enough they didn’t assume He had risen from the dead. After a visit from an angel the go back and tell the disciples. Peter and John run to the tomb to find the same scene, Jesus is gone! Later Jesus appears to them. He is alive and He isn’t bleeding. He isn’t suffering. He isn’t hurting, He is alive and in a glorified body.

Many people wonder why Christians believe that water could be turned to wine. Why do people believe a man could walk on water. Why do we seek to live a different life that reflects Him. Why give our lives away? The answer is that Jesus is alive! His resurrection verifies that everything He said and did was from God. I believe in Hell because Jesus taught it existed and He rose from the dead. I believe the world needs a Savior because Jesus said so, and He rose from the dead. May you meet the risen Lord today, and may He change your life.

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