Blessed are the Poor?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for there’s is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 5:3

Something hard for me to grasp at times is an understanding that everything, and I mean everything down to the red cent looking at me from the floor, is given to me by God. He could have made me a rich man, but He didn’t. If being rich is a curse, then oh God curse me with such an imposition. Being poor is not typically seen as a blessing, certainly not in our culture.

Leave it to Jesus to once again put our understanding, and our culture, on the flipside. “Blessed are the poor.” I looked up poor and in this context found it means, “one who is abjectly and completely poverty-stricken, one who is absolutely destitute.” Though Jesus is not asking for all of us to be poor, living on the street, He is saying Blessed is the one who realizes that spiritually, we are completely destitute. In ourselves we have nothing to offer God.

Only when someone comes to the understanding that they are spiritually bankrupt and hit “rock bottom” (so to speak) do they begin to look up. We don’t typically try to fix what isn’t broken. Pride typically gets in the way, and causes us to believe we are something when we clearly aren’t. This condition is normally easy to spot in others, very difficult to see in the mirror.

For those who recognize they are spiritually impoverished there is hope, you are blessed! And for those of us who to turn to Jesus, “there’s is the Kingdom of God.”

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