Blessed are the pure in heart…

If you were to go out at night and look up into the starry night you would see little pin points of light, however if you were an astronomer you could look up at the same sky and name the planets and the stars. The captain sailing the sea could see those same stars and the constellations formed and navigate an ocean. All of this, from the same lights that are scattered across the sky.

What do you see when you see God? Do you see an old man in a rocking chair who is oblivious to the matters here on earth? Do you see Him as a tyrant or the boy who has a magnifying glass trying to light ants on fire and cause you pain?

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will truly see God. I want to see God for who He truly is. If He is a God that I make up from my sinful heart then He is no God at all, but limited to my own imaginations. The pure in heart, they will see Him for who He truly is. They will see Him as a loving Father who brings purpose in our lives. He has our best interest at heart and wants to live in relationship with us. Purify your hearts today and see God for who He is, and not what you have been told He is or even what you hope He is.

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