Can you really do what you want with your Body?

The argument I have heard more than any other in favor of abortion is the one that says, “I can terminate this baby’s life because this is my body and I can do what I want.” A couple of issues are intrinsically incorrect within this statement. First of all, I can’t ever do what I want to when I want to with my body. If I decide not to wear clothes to work, I will be escorted by the cops to jail. I guess my defense could be that this is my body, and I can choose to wear clothes or not, but I have a feeling that won’t work with the judge. In fact, there are all kinds of laws on the books that prevent me from doing anything I want when I want. Secondly, the body within the woman has their own heart beat. This person within the womb has their own lungs, their own fingerprint, emotions, thoughts, and so much more. If that weren’t enough, we know that the author of all life is God Himself, and no one on earth has the right to terminate what God has begun. Abortion is just one more way that humanity thumbs its nose against God in rebellion. Our country, and our world, sound a lot like Israel in the book of Judges when they were described in a phrase, “the people did what was right in their own eyes.” Unfortunately, history also reveals that nations who reflect these values become enslaved by them.

Watch this video below. An amazing presentation that reveals the true heart of many within the so-called Pro-Choice Movement.


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