The Arrival of the Pope.

Much of the news coverage has been of the arrival of the pope here in the U.S. Such an influential individual, not only within the Catholic Church, but also a major voice in the world today as well. He is surrounded by millions of people who seek his approval and desire his presence. Though I am not a Catholic, it is impressive to see such an unbelievable opportunity given to one man.

The Catholic Church sees the Pope as the “Vicar of Christ.” Essentially, he is the presence of Jesus here on this earth. With such an incredible responsibility I’m not sure why anyone would want to be in such a position. According to Catholic doctrine (as I understand it), the Pope is the mediator between God and man. Among the many responsibilities, He provides direction for a Church who claims to have a billion members worldwide.

My disappointment with this pope is just as great as my admiration for his potential influence. If the Pope is to be the voice of Christ here on earth, it seems his messages should reflect the heart of Christ as well. Unfortunately, the message from the pope has been seen more as a left-leaning politician, then a representative of Christ. The heart and mission of the Christ of the Bible was to seek and to save the lost, not to pander for approval and get on the world’s soap box.

I believe if the pope truly wanted to use his influence for good he would preach the gospel of Christ to the four corners of the world. He would preach conviction of sin, the need for a Savior, and the forgiveness of sin. Instead of global warning, he would warn of the reality of Hell and the promise of Heaven for all of those who will put their faith in Jesus of Nazareth. “To whom much is given, much is required.”

Since the pope is not reflecting the heart of God then you and I who are called by Christ’s name and empowered by the Holy Spirit must spread the good news that Jesus truly can save. He not only forgives sins during a year of jubilee, but will forgive all of your sin, and replace the emptiness righteousness of Christ Himself. There is no sin that rises above love of Calvary’s cross. You and I need no mediator, but Christ Himself.

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