Knowledge vs. Experience

Many years ago I was asked to speak at a Men’s conference. This particular day 3 preachers were scheduled to speak. The first speaker was a 16 year old boy, I represented the college age, and finally some old guy (a pastor of several years) would complete the service. There was a lot of “buzz” surrounding the 16 year old. We were told he had actually been preaching for a couple of years, so all ears were open as he took the stage. He had us turn to Ephesians 5 and (surprisingly) he spoke on having a healthy marriage. Though he didn’t say anything wrong, a 16 year old (who I’m not even sure had a girlfriend) telling a group of men how to have a healthy marriage was interesting to say the least.

I wonder if we look like that boy in our life when we talk about prayer. Do we just talk about what we have read or heard from others, or do we speak from the experience of what a life of prayer truly brings. Is it all head knowledge? (I speak from conviction even now as I examine my own life.) Have you ever told a story and ended with, “You would have had to have been there.”? Most everything within the Christian life is more than just knowing, it is about experiencing. It’s about “being there.” It is about relationship. It is something to know God loves you, but it is truly totally different to experience His love. Don’t settle for head knowledge, experience the life God has for you.

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