The Face of Hope

In our very recent history we have had many horrific events of men and women who, under the disguise of religion, have sought the extinction of others who disagree with them through mass killings and terror. Paris, San Bernardino, the presence of ISIS in the Middle East, and most recently the tragic event in Orlando where innocent people were slaughtered, all serve as reminders as to how dark the face of evil can be.

On the other hand, it has also been refreshing to see groups of people rise up, and in solidarity, identify with those victims and their families. Reminding them of hope, praying with them, crying with them and sharing with them that they are not alone. I read an article recently where a man built 49 crosses to honor the victims (49 Cross to Honor the Victims in Orlando). What amazing picture of love for those who are hurting.

May believers around the world continue to be the face of hope where darkness seems to grow. May the light of God’s love be reflected in all we say and do. May we take advantage of every opportunity, love sacrificially, and love those who you may deem “unlovable”. Remembering at one point (maybe many) we were unlovable, but God stepped in our lives.

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