Standing Up for the Truth

Isaiah did it and was killed for it. John the Baptist lost his head (literally) over it. Paul was condemned for treason, he believed that Jesus was the True King of kings not Caeser. All of them had this in common, they had no problem speaking against the corruption that was revealed in their governments. Today I grow weary when we are told that “church and government don’t mix”. We are told there are political issues and there are religious issues, but (in my opinion) this is just another way for leaders to remove guilt from the decisions being made in Washington and State legislators.

Politicians try to convince us abortion is a political issue, but truthfully it is a moral issue. God has spoken. Not only is it my right as an American citizen to speak out about evil, but it is my responsibility as a believer in Jesus to call sin, sin. I am truly growing weary of the growing attitude that believers need to keep their views inside the church building. Dr. Falwell, Sr. used to say as preachers we can preach on sin, we just can’t say what sin is without causing a storm. This has never been more true then in the world we live in today.

Make no mistake, I believe Christians need to speak the truth in love. We should never be disrespectful of others, but by no means should we water down the truth so that others are less offended. I know that Jesus loved the Pharisees as much as he loves me today. He died for them as He died for me, but He called them vipers and graves filled with dead men’s bones. Pretty harsh words for sure. Today, I stand for the truth of God’s Word, and will not apologize for preaching “in season and out of season.” Whether people want to hear it or not. I can do no other.

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  1. Amen, I enjoy reading your blogs. It is important we take a stand against the pressure to “not make waves” in our social and religious circles about political issues. Please keep on speaking out against the government forcing Christians to accept and allow what God says is wicked and sinful. Thank you, and God protect you and your family.✝


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