See yourself as God sees you.

Have you ever prayed and asked God to help you see people like Jesus saw/sees people? The world saw a thief and a tax collector, but Jesus saw an apostle (Matthew). The world saw a man demon possessed, but Jesus saw a future preacher (Mark 5). Saul was a serial killer, but Jesus saw a missionary. Do you know what I want for the person who is reading this right now? I want for you to see yourself just like Jesus sees you. So often we believe the lie that we are a failure and will never amount to anything. You have allowed your past, and the world, to define your future. Break the chains of the past and see yourself as Jesus sees you.

In Mark 5, there was a man possessed with a demon, correction, he had multiple demons. The town was afraid of him and this man had no future. Thankfully, Jesus saw potential and a future in him. Jesus got rid of the demons and this man literally became a preacher! This (formerly) demon possessed man spread the message of Jesus to 10 different cities! Many of us would have never spent a minute of our time to help such a lost cause, but not Jesus, He loved that man and believed in what he could become.

Jesus sees your potential. Through Him, all things are possible (Phil. 4:13). Through Him you can break addiction, overcome hatred and anger, and become the person God has wanted you to become all along. It all begins with seeing yourself as He does. Give Him a chance. What do you have to lose?

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