For the Hurting this Holiday Season…

Hard to believe we are entering the holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas are now upon us. All the commercials and holiday movies, even social media will have you believe this season is always filled with love and good times. In fact, many times, we compare our lives to what we see on TV, and we wonder if there is something wrong with us.

The problem is that for many of us the holidays are filled with depression and heartache. We dread the memories of the past, we enter the holidays without someone special in our lives, and it certainly doesn’t feel like the “most wonderful time of the year.”

We are familiar with the pain. My prayer for those who are hurting this holiday season is that you know our Savior is also familiar with pain. It was our pain, our separation, even the death of relationships which is why Jesus came. This holiday season we are thankful for His coming. We celebrate His arrival of His birth at Christmas, but the reason He came was to reverse everything sin destroyed in our lives. This season may we gain new perspective and be thankful for all He has done to make all things new.

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