A Dream about my Brother, Jonathan. (1978-2013)

I don’t normally share this story because people might think I’m crazy, but I think it may be too late for that. One of the big hurts of my brother’s passing was not being able to be there for him when it (his passing) happened. If he had been sick, I would have driven there and been there for him, but that wasn’t to be the case. I was upset with God who, even if He was going to take Jon, could have at least kept him alive for 10 more hours (the time it would have taken me to get there). He was my brother and I wanted to be there for him.

Shortly after his passing I had a dream, whether the dream was from God or whether I ate bad pizza the night before it matters not. I had a dream that truly comforted me. In my dream I was walking up a long stairway, so long I wasn’t able to see the top. As I continued up the stairs I noticed 2 people standing at the top and one of them looked like my brother so I began to walk faster, even run, because I didn’t want to lose him again. As I went faster, I got so tired that I could barely move and in that moment I heard my brother say, “Don’t worry, we will wait for you.” When I finally got to the top of the stairs I saw my brother, full of life, and his arm was around someone who was simply, Light (the best explanation I have). Jonathan then told me, “You see, I told you we would wait for you.”

I woke up in tears, thankful to God who, because of Jesus, will one day reunite me with not only my brother, but my dad, grandpa, and so many others. If you have lost someone who knew the Lord as Savior, know we don’t sorrow as those who have no hope. They would want you to know, “Don’t worry, they are waiting on you.”

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