No Church is exempt from the Great Commission

Winfall Baptist Church is located in Winfall, VA. It is situated between the “huge” cities of Rustburg and Gladys, I’m guessing that didn’t help you find it on a map. I look at WBC and I think, surely God doesn’t expect us to “Go ye therefore into all the world…” Look, the world doesn’t even know where we are.

At this moment I write this from Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Yesterday, before going to church at Camino de la Cruz, I took a walk along the beach. I looked at all of these people as they waited for boats to come to shore to get food for the day. My heart broke as I looked at each one of them and I knew it was my responsibility to get the gospel to these people. They are in need of a Savior. They need to know God loves them, and it’s my responsibility.

Just because Winfall Baptist Church may be a small church it does not mean we are exempt from “Going into all the world to preach the gospel…” So as long as I get to be the pastor of Winfall we will not only take seriously the call to win our own community to Jesus, but we will take just as seriously the call to win the world. I wonder what would happen if every, single, church whether big or small took the Great Commission that seriously. What if every church didn’t feel limited by their resources, but knew they were unlimited because of the God we serve. No church is exempt. Go and win the world.

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