It’s Why Some People Quit

Through the many years of ministry I’ve seen people begin strong in their walk with Jesus and fizzle just as quickly. You may have seen it as well, in fact, it may have even happened to you. You were on “fire” in your walk and all of a sudden something happened and obedience to Him just didn’t seem as important anymore.

Jesus even talked about this “fizzle,” He even gave some explanations as to why it happens. For some, they begin strong and the “cares of this world” causes them to fall away. For some, it’s hard to keep themselves from the joy and pleasures of this world (Luke 8:9-15). With both of these explanations there is a common theme, the seed of commitment never took roots.

It’s why some people quit. They plant the seeds of commitment expecting all of their problems will soon be erased. They either believed, or were told, that becoming a Christian meant an “easy” life ahead. Problems would “disappear.” Unfortunately, the hard times of this life will come (James 1), and many times the first thing to go is their commitment to Christ.

Like any seed that is planted it must take time to gain roots. When roots are deep the plant will be strong, but this comes from water, sun, and good soil. Like the seed, a commitment to God doesn’t always grow fruit overnight. This also takes time, commitment to God’s Word, connecting to a local church, and faithful obedience to Him are just the beginning and help your commitment to take root. The road isn’t easy, but obedience to God will be the greatest exercise you ever committed to doing. Grow where God has planted you.

Taken from www.HisLife4You.com

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