What would it Take for you to Sacrifice your all to Him?

“Finding Philip” is how John describes how Jesus chose Philip to become a disciple (John 1:43). It is as though Jesus went to the area of Galilee and couldn’t leave town until he found Philip to relay this invitation to be a part of something big. Philip accepted this invitation and followed Jesus.

In John 14 we see a picture of Philip as he asks a question of Jesus that almost seems to disappoint Jesus. “Show us the Father and it will be enough.” (14:8) It’s as though Philip likes a lot of what he sees in Jesus, but if he is going to go “all in” then he needs a little more.

Philip was on the outside looking in. It seems he is willing to follow Jesus at a distance, but if following means sacrifice, loss, or being uncomfortable then he might not be willing to go further. Following Jesus is nice when you see people healed or the hungry fed. When thousands come to hear Jesus speak and are awed by His message it is nice to say “I’m with Him,” but when Jesus is arrested, Philip deserts Him.

Something did happen to Philip that changed his attitude toward Jesus in such a way that Philip was willing to sacrifice everything, even his own life for the gospel. Philip saw Jesus risen from the dead. In John 14 Philip had asked to see the Father and ultimately Jesus answered him by revealing Himself, risen from the dead.

I wonder if you have Philip’s former attitude, you’re willing to follow Jesus when times are good. You love the concerts and the crowds, but when you feel God calling you to sacrifice then you begin to shrink in your following?

What if you knew Jesus had risen from the dead and is alive today? The Jesus who hung on a cross and sacrificed everything for us, even His own life, rose from the dead. Would that be enough for you to be willing to give Him everything? It was for Philip.


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