Living up to the name “Christian”

In the book of Ruth chapter 1 some say that the author was making a play on words. In the first few verses the author comments that there was a famine in Bethlehem. The very name “Bethlehem” means “House of Bread.” Ironically, in the “House of Bread” there was no bread. Imagine if you lived in the city of “Cowville” and yet, you had no cows. Sounds pretty awkward. What makes this even more awkward for Bethlehem was that the famine could have been avoided. God had made a covenant with Israel, if you will follow my commands, then you will never hunger and there will be plenty of food. The reason there was a famine in Bethlehem was not because the farmers miscalculated the seasons or because the rain wasn’t sufficient. The reason there was a famine is because Israel did what was right in their own eyes and the consequences resulted in a devastating famine which caused a family to move 70 miles away and live in an enemy nation, Moab.

Have you ever run into someone who calls themselves a Christian and yet Christ is clearly absent from their lives. These people can talk however they want, push away whomever they choose, and essentially live life as they please. Like not having “Bread” in the House of Bread, and like not having any cows in Cowville, a Christian who doesn’t have Christ in their life is more than just awkward, it is a shame.

If you claim the name of Christ then I pray that Christ will truly be the center of your life. It doesn’t mean you are perfect by any means, it just means you have made Him the goal and the love of your life. May you truly live up to the Name of Christ.

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