The Cure for Racism

Many years ago I was invited to a unique worship service. This worship service was specifically designed to reach people of all ethnic backgrounds. I practically went solely out of curiosity. During the praise and worship time I looked around and I saw a woman dancing in the aisle in a way that a Baptist should only do with medical supervision. A man holding a flag with the continent of Africa and a cross on it was running around the large auditorium like he was celebrating a touchdown at a football game, and in my moment of worship all I could do was raise my hands and thank God for His goodness. On a worldly level, I probably had nothing in common with the men and women around me, but we clearly had one thing in common, Jesus and the power of the gospel had changed our lives. When it came down to it, after that, all of the other “differences” melted away.

The problem with so many “remedies” to racism is they don’t account for the root issue of racism. So many believe the issue is ignorance so we educate and there is still racism. Many believe the solution is to burn every offensive flag and tear down every monument, but there will still be racism. The reason these actions won’t work is because the problem of racism is sin. The only cure for sin is found in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Show me a church with racism and I’ll show you a church whose focus is not on the gospel. Show me a nation with issues of racism and I’ll show you a nation who has disregarded their need for the gospel to find other means that will only end in failure.

In Revelation 5 John (the author) witnesses a crowd that he couldn’t number. This crowd was made up of people from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation” all standing around the throne worshiping the One who had redeemed us to God through His blood. The reason this meeting is possible is because of the gospel which had/has the power to overcome every issue of race, government, status, and anything this world put in its way. It is this gospel alone that can save every soul who believes. On that day I will be there, and if standing next to me is my African brother holding a flag I could ask him, “How did you get here?” His reply, it is because the Lamb redeemed me. We all stand level at the cross no matter what your race.

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