The Reason for the Christmas Season

I know we all believe we know the reason for the Christmas Season because we have seen the bumper sticker that reads “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” but is He really? Is Jesus really the reason for the season? I look around and I see hurt and pain everywhere. Families all over the world are suffering from the affects of sin. Death separates us from those we love and without real Hope we are people most miserable.

Thankfully, we do have real Hope. There is a God who can destroy the work of sin in this world. God can bring unity in our broken families. God can fill the emptiness in our heart and the void that brings despair. All of the healing we need is found in the gift that Jesus provides to the entire world. “He who has the Son, has life.” (John 3:36) The greatest gift of Christmas is Jesus, but the real reason for the season is our sin. Without sin there would be no need for a Savior and no need for the first Christmas.

Sin is a reality and God sent His only Son into the world to save us from our sin. “You shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sin.” (Mat. 1:21). If you want to be free from sin then Jesus is the only solution. May this Christmas be more than just presents and food, but true freedom from sin.

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