Christmas means…God is UNSTOPPABLE

In every Nativity scene there is a missing piece. I would bet that your manger scene is missing this piece as well. You probably have the sheep (every manger has to have one of those, right?). You more than likely have a Mary and Joseph, shepherds, and of course, a baby Jesus, but you are still missing a piece. One of the people present that first Christmas day that we don’t mention is Satan. The Bible doesn’t say he was there, but I would bet the farm he was.

The first Christmas wasn’t, or at least shouldn’t have been, a surprise to anyone. God had been telling the world that a Redeemer was coming. Over a hundred different prophecies given throughout the Old Testament told us all that the Messiah was coming, even Satan. And even if Satan didn’t follow the message of the Old Testament, God hung a star as bright as a spotlight over the place where Jesus was born. The message… if you want Me, come and get Me.

With all of that information, and a star to guide the way, Satan with all of his “power” couldn’t stop the birth of Jesus. In fact, an all-powerful God has proved over and over that He keeps His promises. God has also promised that He is coming again. In fact, there are over 300 different statements throughout the Bible that make this claim, this only means that He is 3x more likely to come again as He did that first Christmas night. I have a feeling Satan won’t be able to stop His 2nd Coming either.

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