A Sin by any other name….

I was sitting in a Philosophy class when the professor wrote on the board, “This is not an English sentence.” As the class read the statement it sure sparked discussion. This “sentence” included all of the elements needed for a sentence, it had a subject and a verb and formed a complete thought. But what if the statement itself claimed to be something other than what it actually was?

In our world today we have a habit of hijacking words and redefining them for our own benefit. It is much more comfortable for some to call the murder of the unborn, “pro-choice.”  Our world has redefined marriage, right and wrong, and excused actions that God has defined as sin. I am not trying to disparage those who redefine sin, instead, I am asking for the children of God to stand up for what is right. It is one thing for the world to redefine sin, I expect nothing less. What should be discouraging is when followers of Jesus bow to the pressure of the world.

If we as believers in Jesus realized that He is the King and Creator of the Universe then what do we have to be afraid of? If God is for us, who can be against us? Shouldn’t we as believers be more concerned about offending God then offending a political party or group?


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