I Love My Church!

In March of 2016 I got a call from the leadership of Winfall Baptist Church to come and speak. I was pretty excited as I always love preaching, but especially since I hadn’t had an opportunity in about 4 months. That 4 month “interval” had been really tough on me, but I felt maybe God was beginning to move again in my life.

My first day as the visiting preacher was pretty normal. I got there on time (which was an issue, its a little bit in the country). I got to shake everyone’s hand (that’s something I learned from my Dad). All seemed pretty normal, but there was nothing normal about what I was about to hear. What I heard that day truly touched my heart, it was the prayers of an elderly couple. There are some people who pray in public to impress the people around them. Then there are prayers from believers who are clearly not talking to the people around them, but to God.

In August 2016, this great little church honored me by allowing me to be their pastor. Since then we have seen lives changed. We have already baptized 2 teenagers and we are scheduled to baptize a couple more in the next 2 weeks. People have come forward and it is so clear that God is going to great things this year. Though this may seem like a “commercial” for our church it is more about letting people know that if you are looking for a place to experience God’s presence look no further. If you are looking for a family to accept you, then I offer you Winfall Baptist Church. We are place where people can come to feel love and accepted and find God’s will for their life.

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