Things that Grow…. Change

I recently read, and re-read, the story of a man named Gideon (his story is found in Judges 6-8). When we are introduced to him he is hiding from the enemy, afraid they will take his food. He was afraid, in large part, because he doubted that God’s presence was with Him and with Israel (Judges 6:13). It would be hard to disagree with him, the enemy had taken so much from him and the entire nation already.

Something changed in Gideon though. He tested God and God proved He was indeed with Gideon and the people of Israel. From that moment on Gideon became a fearless warrior. We don’t find him hiding from anyone anymore. He has unquestioned obedience to God. Gideon began to grow and his attitude began to change.

Israel started with a 32,000 man army, but God told Gideon that was too many. You might expect Gideon to be concerned, I mean, can you really have too many soldiers when you go into a war? Look at Gideon though, and you get no argument from him, do you know why, because he knew God was with him and nothing else mattered. The 32,000 man army dwindled down to 20,000 and then down to 8,000 and eventually down to only 300 people. Gideon is still unfazed, because he knew God was with him.

Gideon grew from faith to fear. He grew from doubt to confidence in God. What would your attitude be if you knew that God was with you? Figuratively speaking in life doesn’t it feel like we bring a knife to a gun fight? Circumstances in life can seem overwhelming, but if you go into every situation knowing God is with you then you will be a Conqueror. You will grow in your faith, and you will see circumstances change.

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