Why I want You to come to my Church

Almost everywhere I go I ask people to come to my church. There are people where I work who may not even know my name, but know that I go to Winfall Baptist Church. I even went to a funeral and invited people to come (Hoping this doesn’t offend). It’s not that I believe in my church, its that I believe in what God is doing in our church.

In the last 5 months our little church has baptized 4 people. Many have come forward to rededicate their life. I get calls and emails from people who are excited about coming back to church. We have decided that we will be a church who loves people and accepts them just as Jesus accepts them.

We also believe that Jesus has a plan for your life, among many things, He uses the church to accomplish that work in your life. Our church has decided to be relevant and actually answer questions that are being asked. We believe that the Bible, though written so many years ago, has the answers to questions that our world struggles with today.

Though we may not have met yet, we want you to know that you are already loved. Not only does God love you, but Winfall Baptist Church loves you, and we would love for your family to join our family.

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