Follow Me…

One author wrote Jesus said “Follow Me.” about 23 times throughout the New Testament. I am sure “Follow Me” can mean a lot of different things to different people, but I think we can all agree that “follow me” requires movement. To be a follower of Jesus assumes you are going somewhere.

Unfortunately, all to often believers are not moving. I see it in myself at times. I don’t move because the destination seems unsafe, maybe it requires risks, or there are just too many unknowns. Maybe I’m just really comfortable where I am. I’m sure there a lot of excuses we use for not moving forward, but at the end of day, excuses are all we have.

One scene recorded in John 21 shows Jesus asking Peter to follow Him. Peter had just denied Jesus 3 different times. Peter was in a place where he currently couldn’t be used. He knew it, and so did Jesus so Jesus asked Peter to move, Follow me. Peter I can use you to do great things, but you can’t do it where you are, Peter if you follow me, and move where I am, you will preach sermons where thousands will follow me. It only takes one step in my direction though, Follow me.

Do you expect that God is going to use you right where you are? Chances are, God wants you to move into a deeper relationship with Him. He wants you to move from fear to faith, from faithlessness to devotion to Him. Are you ready to move? There is a an unbelievable world waiting for those who follow Him!

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