Giving It All Away…

Someone gave me money the other day and asked me to give it to someone in need within our church, no big deal, right? When I got to the church there was practically no thought; I just gave to it to the person I was asked to give it to. There was no time between being given the money, to handing it over, did I ever think I should keep this money, it wasn’t mine. You would most likely have had the same attitude.

What about when it comes to giving to your local church? The only times I have found it hard to give are the times when I forget whose money it really is. You see, every dollar I have ever worked for, to the red cent I found in the parking lot, it all belongs to God. The only reason I have it is because He has allowed me to manage it. When I find it hard to give it away, it is only because I tried to keep it for myself.

“Would a man rob God?” (Malachi 3:8) That doesn’t even sound possible, but we rob Him when we don’t bring back what belongs to Him. It is the heart of God to redeem (win back) people to Himself, and in 2017 God is still using His Church to accomplish this mission. Giving to your church is just one of the ways you put your faith in action. When you remember it all belongs to Him, you will be happy to give it all away!

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