The Only way to understand the Bible

There were two friends who enjoyed fine art. One of the two stumbled on a piece of art and he called his friend immediately to come and see it. His friend excitedly raced across town to the museum to view this piece his friend discovered. When he got to the museum he was extremely disappointed as the painting his friend “discovered” was blurry and lacked any artistic value at all. “That’s what I thought when I saw it for the first time as well. In order to enjoy this painting you have to get a little closer, and a little lower.” His friend was a little skeptical but humored his friend. He got a little closer and a little lower, but the painting was still blurry. His friend pushed a little more so he got a little closer and a little lower. He pushed him a little more until he found himself kneeling at the foot of the painting, when the man looked up he saw a perfect picture of Jesus hanging on a cross.

You see most people look at the Bible as just a book that doesn’t make a lot of sense, it seems really blurry. However, when you approach this book humbly, you will see a perfect picture of how much God truly loves you and this world. Go back to the Bible that you put down so many years with a fresh look. Humbly approach Him, and see if you don’t see Him in a totally new light.

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