Spiritual Goals of Winfall Bapt. Church

This past January Winfall Baptist Church was averaging around 30 in attendance. I believed God had/has more for us a church so I prayed and asked God to give us goals to meet as a church to accomplish by the end of the year. This past January I stood up in front of our church and as boldly as I could told them I believed there were two goals we would accomplish before the end of the year.

The first goal was to have at least 80 people in attendance. In the past couple of months we have been averaging a little over 50, but this past Sunday for our Officer Appreciation Sunday we had over 80 in attendance. This was a big goal because it showed us all that it is truly possible to fill our little church building. Not only did we have over 80, but our church worked hard, and ultimately fed everyone with so much extra we were able to donate the leftovers to a local shelter.

The other major goal (and more important) was to baptize at least 5 people before the end of the year. One of the long time deacons here told me once this church had gone about 4 years at one point without even 1 baptism. This Sunday, September 17th we will be baptizing our 5th of the year, to God be the glory.

The only reason, (God knows my heart), I tell you this is not to brag. In fact, I don’t even consider myself a great leader! I tell you this because I know God is doing something great in this church and He isn’t finished. I tell you this because if you are looking for a place to worship and to see God move, you have found it at Winfall Baptist Church. Come and see for yourself.

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