God gets the Last Move

A chess champion who enjoyed art was in a museum and found himself fascinated with a particular piece of art. In this painting two were playing chess. On one side of the chessboard was the devil smiling from ear to ear; Demons behind him were rejoicing. On the other side of the chessboard was a man, sweating buckets, pulling his hair and behind him were people crying. The painting was entitled “Checkmate.” The painting intrigued the chess champion and his eyes were drawn to the chessboard itself. He was so focused on the chessboard he brought his own chessboard to the painting and duplicated the pieces and positions from the painting to his own board. After analyzing his board, he began to smile. He looked up at the man in the painting and said, “I know you can’t hear me, but if you could, I would want you to know you haven’t lost this game. You still have another move, and you can still win this game.”

It is easy to get our eyes focused on our circumstances and believe this is the end, game over. We look at the doctor report, the bank account, a broken relationship and we believe there is no way I can come back from this. We lose hope; the devil has won.

You need to know something very important, God ALWAYS has the last move. Jesus ran to those who were in need. He healed the blind and literally raised the dead. Unfortunately, there were people in His day who plotted and eventually killed Him by nailing Him to a cross. It was over. He was dead. The “game” was over. No one can raise themselves from the dead; that’s impossible, but God always has the last move. Even in the most impossible of circumstances Jesus did, in fact, raise Himself from the dead.

Your situation may seem like the end, but God loves you and He will have the last move in your life as well. Trust Him and believe, you will never regret the day you gave Him your life and the last move.

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