Winfall Baptist Celebrates 2017!

If you hadn’t been here to see it for yourself, then you might find it hard to believe where our church has come from, and where it is today. A year ago, one of our deacons told me that this church had gone almost 4 years without seeing one person baptized, this Sunday we will celebrate seeing our 12th person being obedient in baptism. At the beginning of the year, our average attendance was around 35 people, this past week we had 85. To say that God has been good to us is an understatement of biblical proportions.

Should anyone ever ask us how our church has been able to accomplish such a transformation, there is only one word I can give, Prayer. Our success isn’t attributed to a music program, preaching, popularity, or money. Our success is, and will forever be, attributed to our ability to reach God, and ask for His blessing in the life of our church.

We truly thank and praise God for all He has done, but we will not simply live on past victories. We will build on what God has done in 2017, and allow those victories to propel us into the new future He has for us. Our mission will not change. Our vision of being “A place where people come to feel love, acceptance, and find God’s will for their life” will not change. We do, however, want to change the world with the gospel of Jesus. We would love for you to join us in that endeavor. Who knows where our “little” church will be at the end of 2018! Come and see for yourself…

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