The Vision is Bright in 2018!

A friend recently handed me this quote from Melody Ross, “Let’s be brave enough to dream big, huge, embarrassingly impossible dreams.” and I would like to add, “for the glory of the Kingdom of God.”

I went to a University who instilled into the DNA of the students to dream big, and to do so for the Kingdom of God. Since day one of becoming the pastor of Winfall Baptist Church, it has been my heart to dream big for this ministry as well. Last January (2017) we believed we could double the attendance of the church and God did it. We believed we would see 5 people baptized within the year, and God gave us 12 instead. We believed God could meet our needs, He did that and so much more.

Today we believe in God again to do the impossible. This year (2018) we believe our attendance will outgrow our building’s capacity to hold them. Make no mistake, it may seem like we are only focused on numbers, but we know every number represents a person for whom God loves. Success is not found in numbers, but in the lives of those who have been changed because of the gospel. Lives changed because we stepped out, sacrificed, and gave others a hand up to move forward again. We want a church filled with people for one reason, we ultimately want to change the world, we just want to start right here.


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  1. Dr. JF had a BHAG, gave it to God and we see today the results. As long as we are drawing near to Him, He will draw near to us. If our plans are God’s plans, He will bless them and we will see them come alive. Dream big and be faithful with whatever God entrusted you with.
    CH DV

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