Don’t forget Who is asking…

If a toddler asked you to move your car, you probably could disregard the request. If a police officer asked you to move your car then your next question is, “Where do you want me to move it?” Many times the request we pay attention to is based on the respect, or the authority, we see from the one asking.

What does it say about us and our respect (or lack of) for God when He tells us to be a part of His plan of reaching the world with the gospel, and yet the priority of our life reflects a totally different priority? Can you push Him aside like you would the toddler? Have we truly forgotten who is asking?

The One who is asking is the King of the Universe. He is the Creator, all-powerful, self-existent, and everywhere present. Around His thrones are countless angels who worship night and day, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD God Almighty!” Can you afford to ignore this God? Can you push Him aside? Don’t forget who is asking.

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