Wasting your Time…

We are all so busy. We try to save time every where we can, and we should. Time is a precious commodity. They aren’t selling “time” at your local Walmart. The older we get the more you realize how valuable time really is.

Recently I read something from one of my students concerning Abraham and God’s call on his life to go to a country “I (God) will show you” (Genesis 12). The student commented that Abraham “wasted no time” and did what God asked of him. Abraham didn’t waste any time and obeyed, how true that is! How many times has God asked you to follow Him closer and you push against it? How many times has there been a clear leading on your life to enter into a new ministry, but you stall.

Couldn’t it be said that all of the time that passed between His calling on your life and you finally being obedient to Him was “wasted” time. Instead of being involved in what God had planned, you were to busy with the plans you had for your life. Eventually, as believers we (hopefully) come to our senses and realize His plan was always best. We begin to regret the time we wasted on our own foolish endeavors.

From this time on, may we always be about God’s calling on our life, and use “His” time, wisely. “Making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16)

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