Heroes in the Florida School Shooting…

Our country mourns as we watch our screens and read the stories of how someone could murder 17 people and injure so many more. The hurt goes beyond the physical hurt, but this will affect us in so many other ways. In trying to find a “silver lining” to such a dark, tragic event I also see…

The heroism of a high school coach, Aaron Feis, who shielded students from being killed, taking the bullets instead of the students he wanted to protect. Instantly, I am reminded of a verse, “No greater love than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) Coach Feis is a reminder of the courage it takes for us to move forward and heal especially in the worst of tragedies.

A geography teacher, Scott Beigel, was killed when he opened a door to allow students to get into one of the classrooms. Unfortunately, he was unable to close the door fast enough and he was shot by the gunman. A selfless act he should have never had to perform, but it cost a family their husband and father.

Acts like these are what I wish our media would highlight. Instead, I go to major news sites and see a huge picture of the murderer. We have seen to many faces of murderers and my prayer is that we focus on the victims, their families, and the heroes who gave their lives so others could live. A school shooting reminds us how dark sin is and how destructive it can be. May we learn from the lives of these heroes, and pray for the families of those who lives were taken.


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