Why men should take out the Trash

A friend recently reminded me why, as men, do we take out the trash?  Seems like an odd question to ask don’t you think? Since the dawn of time, and since the chore of taking out trash surfaced, men have taken it upon themselves to accomplish this often overlooked, but extremely important task. Why do we take out the trash? You might think you know the answer and if it is to get the nasty, rotten, refuse out of your house you are only partly right.

There is  another answer, a better answer. The reason we should be taking out the trash is because we seek to love our wives and family. I know it may not seem like a big deal, and it doesn’t scream “I love you” like giving her a diamond ring, but it certainly communicates a message to her, you love her and want to help.

Men, we are called to love our wives “just” like Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her. We are to love our wives regardless of how of we think they will react or whether we think they will appreciate it or not. We love our wives because Christ loves us. We love our wives to show the world an example of what God-honoring marriages look like. We love to be an example of a godly husband and father to our children. Love was never about how we felt, it was always about a commitment and decision to be faithful to our wives, and ultimately to God.

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