Banning the Bible…

Recently I saw a video where currently there is a Bill in the California House of Representatives that bans Christian books, including the Bible within the State. According to CA Representative Travis Allen, lawmakers in California are banning religious books whose goal “includes efforts to change behaviors.”

First of all, I appreciate the respect California lawmakers have toward the Bible, an attitude I totally agree with. The Bible has the power and ability to change your life. The Bible can change your behavior. This book provides faith to follow after God. The light to lead you in life, and the understanding to expose, and eliminate sin in our life. California, you are absolutely correct, the Bible can change everything.

It should also be noted that now more than ever, we need men and women, followers of Jesus, to rise up and stand for God’s Word. We need a no retreat, no surrender attitude. Men of integrity who will be followers of Christ. Without apology, we need to lead the way for our families, churches, and even our nation back to God. This can only happen when we allow God to “set us apart with your Word, Your Word is Truth.” (John 17:17)

Here is a link to the interview I’m referring to: California State Assembly bill would ban the Bible.


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