Fairytales do come True.

You may not know this about me, but I am (evidently) an expert on Disney Princess movies. I know this because I took a quiz on Facebook, so it must be true. This accolade I owe to my daughter who made me watch them all, many times.

My favorite Disney princess movie is “Sleeping Beauty”. If you’ve seen this movie then you know that it should be renamed to something like the “Heroism of the Prince” because the courage of the Prince is really what this movie is all about. The Prince meets the Princess in the middle of the woods for about 5 minutes, but evidently it is the best 5 minutes of his life. They share a dance, a song, and they part ways.

Later, the Prince finds out she is in trouble, and even though they spent only 5 minutes together, it’s clear nothing is going to stop him from saving her. The evil witch places a jungle of thorns to stop him. Our prince slices through this jungle as though it was butter, nothing will stop him. The witch then becomes a dragon, but valiantly our prince slays this dragon, all to save the lovely princess. Nothing will keep him from her.

One reason we love this movie is because we all want to be loved this way. We want someone to be willing to fight through the “thorns” to get to us. We want to know there is someone willing to fight and kill the dragon just for us. The good news is there is someone who loves you that much. Jesus fought and overcame everything to be with you. He “slayed the dragon” to restore a broken relationship with Him. There is nothing He isn’t willing to do, including dying on a cross, to let you know He loves you. Choose Him, and enjoy a relationship with the Prince of Peace.


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