Why I Kneel in Prayer

Every morning when I get to church I start the first hour of my day in prayer. I go into the main sanctuary and go to the front row. Sometimes I just sit down, grab a Bible and then pray. Sometimes I kneel to simply pray. Yesterday morning I came to the front row and for some reason I thought, “Should I sit or kneel?” There’s no one in the entire building, no will care what I do. Does God really care if I sit or kneel? In that moment I knelt and prayed….

     God I kneel in love because you first loved me so much

     I kneel in mercy because I’m a sinner in need of your help

     I kneel in worship as You are the One, True, and Living God who is over every god.

     I kneel in praise because you are worthy as the One who was, is, and is to come

     I kneel in humility because you are the King and I am Your servant.

There is probably no difference in sitting or kneeling, and I’m certain God is pleased when we come to Him no matter our “posture.” From my “small” experience though there certainly felt like a difference. I think from now on I’ll go ahead and kneel. I hope to find you there as well.

Originally posted on June 17, 2017

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